Week 1: Mindset

Learn more about the Skills & Mindset of an Entrepreneur
All you need for this week in the Startup Academy

1. Future Founder

Add "Future Founder" as a new role/position to your LinkedIn profile and join our Mastermind group.

2. Helpful Tool

Create an account on Miro (if you don't have one yet) to track your progress and get free credits here.

3. Business Plan

Each week helps you to complete the Business Plan. Check out suitable online platforms here.

Startup Booklet

Download the Startup Booklet for Week 1 here.
Start up! (Mini-Videos in combination with the Startup Booklet)
Learn more about the topic of each week with Tino from Berlin Startup School

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Learn from your Coach Long how to find your "Why" and prepare yourself for your startup journey.
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