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As founders, our professional and private lives are highly intertwined - especially when our business (idea) and its actualization are sources of personal fulfillment. However, when the hours are difficult or the tasks are unglamorous, it does happen quickly that we forget why we actually started our journey as a founder in the first place. The feeling of being naturally inclined to build the right product for the right market is drifting away. Something essential is missing, something that helps us to reconnect with our purpose and meaning.

In Okinawa, Japan, people pursue "Ikigai". The most common translation: "Reason worth for getting up for every day". Being aware of what is meaningful and purposeful to you is a powerful, strategic tool for your journey as a founder. Life is too short to only work super f*cking hard. And life is too precious to be disengaged with Ikigai.

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  • 5 Chapter
  • 10 Videos

Find your "Why"

Our learning objective is to train our mindset so we are able to create a business which both fulfills us personally and provides value for others. 
Meet the Instructor

Long Qu

In my workshops and coaching sessions, Western efficiency meets Asian traditions. I remix Design Thinking with eastern approaches from Shintoism, Confucianism and Zen. I build artefacts and create rituals to bring personal and team values as well as corporate culture to life.

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