with Florian Hager
Do you know the feeling of blocking yourself or, of overwhelming yourself at tasks and to-dos due to your own demands?

Behind procrastination and excessive demands on oneself there is usually an exaggerated tendency towards perfectionism. And behind perfectionism, on the other hand, there is often the feeling of “not being, not having or being able to”. 

The Flowstarter method enables limiting patterns to be resolved by targeting specific areas of the brain. This frees up “RAM” and converts new capacities into focus, creativity and performance.

The aim is to transform feelings and use them as a powerhouse, rather then get rid of them. The feeling of being driven and never coming to rest is transformed into intrinsic energy.

The result is: flow and a sustainable increase in your performance. What would your life look like if you learned to get out of your own way, to approach things more easily and thus to move forward much faster?
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What's included?

  • 10 Chapter
  • 11 Videos

Get into the Flow

Learn more about the "Flow" and how it enables you to become a high-performer.
Meet the Instructor

Florian Hager

My name is Florian Hager: I am a performance coach for high achievers and performers. I work with individual coaching, workshop formats for larger groups and act as a keynote speaker.

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